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Pregnant and not sure what to do?

If you think you wish to continue with the pregnancy you will need to contact your GP for ante-natal care

If you are not registered with a Worcestershire GP you will need to check with your local area about abortion care

If you are registered with a GP in the Wyre Forest region you are required to be seen by your GP or Sexual Health clinic and then if you wish an abortion you can then contact Marie Stopes International or British Pregnancy Advice Service in Birmingham yourself to arrange an appointment

If you are registered with a GP in South Worcestershire or Redditch & Bromsgrove areas you can arrange to come in/be seen at any of the Worcestershire Sexual Health clinics for advice. Alternatively you can arrange a GP appointment

If you are undecided about your decision your GP or the sexual health clinic can refer you to the Worcestershire Pregnancy Assessment & Support Service (PASS) where you can have a consultation with experienced and skilled staff to talk through your feelings in an unbiased manner and aid you with decision making strategies. If you wish to proceeed with an abortion this can be arranged for you.

If you are sure you wish to have an abortion you can be referred to PASS via your GP or a sexual health clinic. Health professionals can usually give you a brief advice about the different types of abortion.

Once a referral is received you will usually get a phone call to your mobile phone within 1-3 days where you can speak to a secretary about your options and a suitable appointment can be arranged.

Early Medical Abortion (EMA)

This can usually be arranged locally for you and is available for women with a pregnancy of up to 9 weeks gestation. This is a 2 part procedure with treatments being given 24 hours apart. At the first consultation an ultra sound scan is performed to ensure correct dating of the pregnancy, a finger prick blood test is required and you are given opportunity to discuss your feelings around the circumstances of your pregnancy and consented for treatment. An oral tablet of Mifepristone is taken at the appt if you wish to proceed. You usually return 24 hours later for vaginal Misoprostol tablets and pain relief medicines and go home, with advice and support to miscarry.

Contraception will be discussed within the consultation and can be arranged at the 2nd part appointment.

Surgical Termination of Pregnancy

Currently you will be offered an appointment within our PASS clinic for a consultation where we arrange an appointment for you at Marie Stopes Clinic or British Pregnancy Advisory Clinic in Birmingham for the surgical abortion to take place.

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