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Cervical Screening

Worcestershire Integrated Sexual Health clinics now offer Opportunistic Cervical Screening.

Opportunistic Cervical Screening means:

If you have attended the sexual health clinic for another reason and have been identified as being due a cytology screen, it may be appropriate for the clinician to carry out the screen at that time.

Opportunistic screening definition and criteria: 

1. Overdue screening by at least 6 months, or

2. Unscheduled bleeding and due or overdue screening, or

3. Undergoing another procedure where examination is required (e.g. IUD fitting) and screening due or overdue.

You must book an appointment with your clinic for a screen.

Unfortunately if you do not meet the criteria for a cervical screen within the sexual health service the staff will ask you to book your screen with your Primary Care team.

To understand more about cervical screening please follow the link: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/cervical-screening/